Freshabits Reboot

Hello dear Kitchen! Oh how I’ve missed you. I hope you enjoyed your time off from my messy projects and are ready to get back to work. Because I’m seriously craving some healthy, home cooked meals.

For the last month I’ve been mostly living out of a suitcase. Work travel has taken me to Madrid, Milan, Cologne, London, Vancouver and San Francisco. Sounds glamorous but mostly it was a lot of meetings and a lot of airport food. Traveling for work is about as unhealthy as it gets: crowded airports, airplane food, late night dinners, too much wine, not enough sleep, processed snacks, Starbucks for breakfast, stuffy hotel gyms and little fresh air.

This airplane meal scared me!

I decided on my 10 hour flight home that my body and mind are in need of a “freshabits reboot”. I’m calling it a healthy reboot instead of a “detox” because there are so many unhealthy celebrity fads around detoxing, which for the most part probably do more harm than good. I don’t believe in those calorie-deprivation juice diets and I’m definitely not into taking any cleanse supplements (which by the way has become a billion dollar industry).

But, I do believe with our hectic lives, it’s important to slow down and give your body the chance to reset every once in awhile. By removing some of our daily toxins like stress and alcohol your liver is finally able to clean out all that other crap that’s been building up.

After doing some research on healthy ways to detox, the dangers of detoxing and the foods to avoid, I came up with a personalized freshabits reboot plan:

  1. No alcohol (Yes this is going to be the hardest step to follow!)
  2. Remove foods that are hard to digest (For me that means dairy, wheat and soy. Ok maybe this one will be even harder than the no vino…oh cheese how I will miss you!)
  3. Cut back caffeine consumption (No problemo, I’ll stick to chai tea in the am, green tea in the pm and lots of water with fresh lemon)
  4. No white sugar or fake sugar (Easy…gotta love honey! Exception to this rule: dark chocolate which I consider a health food :) )
  5. No processed or packaged foods (Time to bake some homemade treats, like these delicious quinoa cookies from Gluten-Free Girl or Morning Granola)
  6. Lots of organic fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains like oats, wild rice and quinoa (Farmer’s market…here I come)
  7. Morning yoga session (It’s all about starting your day with downward dog, friends! I love the 20 minute classes on
  8. Herbal tea (Try tea with fennel, anise, dandelion root and/or milk thistle to up the detox ante!)
  9. Fresh air daily (Get outside moving for at least 20 minutes per day for an instant energy and mood boost)
  10. Weekly massage (Yes please)

My goal is 3 weeks, which should be just enough time to give my liver a break, my immune system a boost, my digestive system a rest and to get my Zen back. Just in time for Summer!

Anyone up for joining me? Create your own customized healthy reboot top 10 list.

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  1. Caren says:

    As long as the 5th food group (chocolate) is still ok I might consider joining you in this!

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