Hiking Holiday

Time for a FRESHABITS makeover of your next vacation!

Hopefully I’ve already convinced you of the fun and health benefits of errand-free weekends and now I’m going to convince you to plan a holiday that maximizes the FRESH factor. Question for you: What type of holiday ensures maximum intake of fresh air and minimum intake of free radicals (those nasty invisible molecules that infiltrate our busy city lives)? Answer: A Hiking Holiday!

So, what is a Hiking Holiday? It’s time away from laptops, mobile phones, Facebook, cars, shopping malls and to experience all that the outdoors has to offer. A Hiking Holiday means that the majority of your time is spent looking at trees and mountains, not historic monuments and museums

When should you plan a Hiking Holiday? Now, ahora, yes, before the weather turns horrid! It’s always hiking weather somewhere! Or you could substitute the word hiking with snowshoeing and we’ll let that count as a FRESHABITS approved vacation.

Why a Hiking Holiday? There’s something magical about filling your lungs with fresh air. It will clear your mind and detoxify your body. Most of us are molded to our desks, resulting in pretty sedentary lives, so it’s fabulous to get outside and move during our coveted vacation days. Also, it’s proven that exercise is the best way to de-stress, strengthen your immune system and ward off all kinds of diseases. And you’ll be able to soak up some much needed Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin, aka D, is essential for building strong bones and a lack of it can lead to muscle weakness and depression. Many Americans are thought to be deficient from spending the majority of our lives indoors. Sorry, you can’t get healthy rays from your computer screen!

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 days or 2 weeks, on a Hiking (or Snow) Holiday you’ll be able to get your mojo back and then some.

Need further convincing? Stay tuned for a post on my favorite Europe outdoor destinations.

Get going on it and you can thank me later!

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