Kitchen Swap

I’ve never been a fan of routine. I like to mix things up. It just keeps life more interesting, spontaneous and fun. But somehow Andy and I fell into a typical husband wife routine around meals. I do all the cooking and Andy does all the dish washing (and a lot of the chopping when I need extra help). I’m not sure how we got to this point. I guess it’s because cleaning smelly gunk off of dishes is not my forte. Or maybe it’s because we no longer own a grill. If I recall correctly all of the meals that Andy used to take charge on when we lived in the US involved the BBQ in some capacity.

So I’ve decided to really mix things up. We made a pact over the weekend that for one entire week, starting today, he’ll do all of the cooking and I’ll do the kitchen cleaning. I’m already thinking about the fun things I’m going to do with all of my free time in the evenings (although I will miss cooking!). It will be hard not to oversee Andy’s work in the kitchen, so I have to keep myself busy…maybe I’ll head to a yoga class after work or spend more time blogging! Of course if he calls on me, I’ll be happy to assist as Sous-Chef.

I’m thinking this is going to be an easy switch. How hard can washing a few dishes really be?! But Andy mentioned that he’s selecting recipes that maximize dish usage. You see I’m known to be pretty messy in the kitchen and I think he sees this as payback time (I’m in for a taste of my own medicine). To his credit he spends a solid 45 minutes washing dishes every morning after one of my nightly jaunts in the kitchen.

I caught Andy on Sunday watching a video on how to make lasagna…something I would never try to tackle as a first time chef but I won’t mention this to him. He also said something about making his Mom’s famous “Pate en Croute”…this could get interesting. And I think we’re having BBQ Chicken Pizza tonight…typical guy choice! Doesn’t exactly sound like a healthy line up, but if it’s all homemade then that’s what really matters in my book.

Usually when you break out of your routine, you learn a few new things. In this case, I hope to learn how to beautifully clean our new copper pots (Andy’s already instructed me not to use a scrub brush on ‘em). I might also learn a few new recipes to share with you here (let’s wait and see how they turn out!). In the least I’ll definitely learn to rise earlier this week!

Stay tuned for a follow-up report on our week long kitchen swap.

PS – Since I started writing this post Andy’s been hard at work in the kitchen and I have to admit, it smells pretty amazing!


5 Responses to “Kitchen Swap”

  1. J. Olson says:

    Way to step (swap) up your game you two! Really impressive and encouraging for us all to mix it up.

    Ps. Hughes nice beard!

  2. Jessa says:

    oh my goodness….i’m so very afraid for you guys (andy) this week. how is the kitchen cleaning going??? ;) couple o rules – if you clean half the dishes and then get distracted, it doesn’t count. if you “wipe” all the dishes clean, but there’s still food residue, doesn’t count. if you actually clean ALL the dishes, but leave the pots/pans to “soak” overnight, doesn’t count. (that’s just a VERY fancy form of procrastination). lastly, if you clean all the dishes but leave SMOODGE all over the counter and backsplash, it DON’T COUNT! (You know I love you sissie)
    AC – I’m very impressed. Have no pointers for you :)
    Love you guys, you inspire us!

  3. freshabits says:

    Haha! Thanks for the tips Sista! I actually saved all of the dishes for the morning. Does that count? No sense ruining a great meal by spending the evening washing dishes. In our household all cleaning takes place during sunrise. Have to say Andy’s pizza turned out fab, except the crust was extra thick because I forgot to mention to him that the recipe made a double batch of crust. :)

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